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I wrote this years ago, but feel this is needed more now than ever: I've been on Keen for more than 2 years, worked with many, many lovely people. Spirit gives the most amazing messages, guidance, direction, foresight, and validation. That's why you call us! What do we do with it? Why do some of us, take the lessons and guidance and run with it? Outcomes amazing. Why do some of us, stay right where we are today, then get upset when outcomes are the same? Change can be difficult but it's always temporary and can become habit quickly with practice. We can do anything uncomfortable temporarily and the results can be amazing. I've written about change several times, because I believe in it. We don't have to change everything, sometimes it's as easy as one perception. Are we seeing the situation in truth? What is truth? We each have our own truth. What makes you happy? What makes me happy? That's our truth! Are we looking for a loving relationship to make us happy? Good place start, but are we happy with ourselves as individuals? Getting into a relationship to fill a void is short lived. Eventually we will go right back to how we felt before. Our perceptions are stll the same, same outcome, same feelings, nothing really changed. My point is, are we doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? Why?? We have all the answers to these questions if we look down deep. Nothing too painful to feel with honesty as it's only temporary.

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