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Do's and Don't of Texting

Texts can be easily misunderstood in the earlier stages of dating and getting to know someone. My first rule of thumb is text/say everything in a way you would want to receive it. If you don't understand, reply, "What??" The dos and don't can be simple if you look at it this way. Don't understand? Ask. Don't text angry. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you calm down to talk things out. Righteous anger or not, it never gets either party anywhere. Don't send bad news, and lastly, don't over abbreviate. Remember, ask yourself how you would want to hear it. The do's are simple also. Sweet nothings, yes. Long distance, yes. A couple times before a first date, actually makes most people feel more comfortable. Another good idea, respond ASAP. Treating people the way you want to be treated is an old school action to live by. It must be working, it's still around! Knowing when it's over is for us to decide as individuals. Relationships, jobs, friendships, even family. Are there too many obstacles in the way of happiness? Are you trying to change them? Are they trying to change you? Is it a healthy change or a wanting? Staying in anything not working for too long is detrimental to us as powerful and loving beings. It slows our growth, allows old energies to no longer serve us. Is anything more important than our path and how we feel? Is the other person really good for us? Are you really valued at your job?? Do we dread getting up in the morning??? Are the people around us good for us?? Are we our best selves when in their presence? Is there an equal exchange of energy?? Are we more giving, are they more giving??? These are great questions we can ask ourselves. Be honest in answering, get to the depth of what's not working, and begin the change. A lot of things are changing universally. Are the people around you flowing with that change? You clearly are, or you wouldn't still be reading this! It's assessment time. Reevaluate what's around you and embrace the change. It's going to happen whether we go with flow or go kicking and screaming. It can be really exciting if we allow it. All this that is happening right now is for us, a bigger love on all levels, and opening to receive more. Close those doors no longer serving, so the new ones can open.

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