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by Renee

Meet Renee Herro.

I’ve been psychic since early childhood. I have visions, inner knowing, can communicate with higher self, spirits, and guides. I prefer to use YOUR guides in a read to get the information suited for your best interest. I’m trained in Reiki and spiritual healings.


I have 20 years experience reading professionally. I am best at energetically removing blockages and teaching you the tools needed to create a beautiful future for yourself.

Interview with Kathy Ramsperger

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     I have been psychic as long as I can remember. When I was a junior in high school, my Mom sat me down and explained I have a psychic gift. To my disbelief, I started exploring, reading, and studying the afterlife. Could it be I have a gift? Doesn’t everyone see this way? The Blessed Mother is my best friend. I talk to her like she’s in the room, since for me, she is.

I pray the rosary, my favorite prayers, get answers almost immediately. If there isn’t an answer right away, I know it will come in time. Later that year, I was out of the state competing in a national competition. I stepped on a pop top, sliced my foot in between my toes, blood everywhere. I was more worried about my Mom being mad because I left the room than the cut on my foot. There was a small concern as to how I was going to perform the next day.

I wrapped my toes in Kleenex, went to bed with my rosary, and prayed all night for guidance. The next morning I awoke completely healed. Full of myself, I said thanks; I’m going to win this competition! Taking first runner up brought me down to the ground and humbled me.

     I left the spiritual journey for many years, living my life, always knowing I was protected and guided. My career changed paths several times, always with God sending me where He wanted me to be. I didn’t give much thought to knowing things before they happened, again, normal for me. I had caller ID before it was born. I can’t tell you how many times I answered the phone and no one was there, only to walk away and it would really ring. To me they were one and the same.

     The next several years, working in the beauty industry, I found some very interesting situations happen. I felt so fortunate, loved my job, it never felt like work to me, and I made a lot of money. Looking around me, I wondered why other girls were sitting and I was always busy. With a watchful eye came clarity one day. My intention always was giving the client exactly what they wanted, never focused on the money, knowing it would be there because I was doing it for the right reasons. My heart was in it and genuine. Clients came and went; I learned not to mourn anyone leaving since we taught each other what we needed. I had clients break a nail and together we realized, they needed to sit with me for whatever

reason. It was powerful. We were growing together.

     I got invited to a cemetery in the city of Chicago to pray the rosary with a visionary claiming to speak to the Blessed Mother. This was fascinating to me; I couldn’t wait to see for myself what this was all about. Early one Sunday morning we piled in the car, co-worker – a Jewish woman with her Catholic boyfriend, and me (private catholic school but hadn’t been

to church in years except when visiting my family). When we arrived there were hundreds of people ready to pray! I stuffed one of my many rosaries in my back pocket and we walked

to get close to see “Joe”, a blind man who could see, amazing! Taking my rosary out of my pocket, I looked down and it had turned gold. I kept blinking, could it be? As I looked closer, not all the rings were gold, only some of them, the pattern consistent. This I was told at the time was a message from the Blessed Mother herself.

     Years with this practice went by. I invited everyone I knew to join me on Sunday

mornings to pray with hundreds of people. Many, many amazing things happened for all of us joining the group. We spread the word, hundreds turned into more and we had to move the group off to the side so we weren’t standing on all the graves. The Catholic Church came and designated our spot sacred ground!!!! In the meantime, I continued my ritual on Sunday’s, had many rosaries turn gold, and found I started giving them to people who needed them. My clients brought me rosaries from all over the world from their travels; I prayed with them, when they turned gold, I gave them to whoever needed them. Working in a Jewish community, seeing the oneness of our beliefs, handing out gold rosaries to people in need

of any faith, I knew there was something more for me .My whole family was visiting for a wedding one weekend (2 brothers, sister, and parents). Off we went to cemetery. Joe started the ritual, and suddenly, got so excited he was crying. “The whole family is here, the whole family is here!” We looked at each other, like how does he know that? To our surprise, it was the Blessed family. Not only was it Mary, but Joseph, and Jesus. We were stunned. Our little brother was also Joseph and one of our intentions was a healing for a health issue he was having at the time.

     Not long before Easter, praying the rosary at the cemetery, the Blessed Mother came to me. “Tell your brother he will not be in pain much longer.” I said right back to her, “right, like he’s going to believe me you said that! Show me how please.” In a robotic, mezmerized state, got in my car, drove home, picked up the phone and called Joe. I started with “you won’t believe this but….” I was shaking as I relayed the message. He said “I believe you!”. Crying our eyes out, we were so happy.

     A few weeks later, Joe called and said he hadn’t had a headache in 2 weeks. Amazing! Saturday night before Christmas Eve, I arrived in MI, my other brother’s flight was delayed so I decided to let my parents go to bed, staying up to pick up Mike. Told my dad I’m not going to church with you in the morning, I’m exhausted. For two days I had felt drained and could hardly stay awake. Mike and I finally got home and to bed around 5am. At 8am, I felt a tap on the side of my head, woke up feeling like I had ten hours of sleep, said to myself, “I guess I’m going to church with my Dad since an angel woke me up.”

     Church in a very small Michigan town is comfy jeans and a T-shirt. Off we go, go into

the washroom and my zipper broke on my jeans. Now if anyone has ever worn a pair of Levi’s you know the zippers do not break on the them. This was puzzling. Dad and I stopped by my sister’s house to tell her we were going home to change before we met them at the restaurant (dad’s business, Joe was the manager) for breakfast. Nobody home, very strange. Dad was in the great room while I was changing when the phone rang and I heard a scream. Joe was found dead this morning. We drove to the hospital in silence.

     In the moment I found out Joe was gone, I asked God to help me through this. I never dreamed my path would take a major turn. The next year was a blur. I was numb, angry,

and cried anywhere, anytime. I prayed the pain would leave, soon. The hardest part was Joe would visit me all the time. I kept telling him to go away, it hurt too much, I wasn’t ready. One night he was persistent. He wouldn’t go away. I begged him please; he kept saying he was sorry. The next day the toxology report came back, it wasn’t an overdose; it was the mixture of his meds. I was PISSED! I realized he knew I was going to find out the next day and he wanted to say he was sorry.

     Joe was 8 years younger than me. I took him everywhere. He was my live baby doll. When I was 16 our Mom sat us down to tell us she was his mother not me.We both cried. He called me “Mom, I mean Renee” until the day he died. I realized Joe was my child in many lifetimes. He would leave first, in another lifetime I would leave first. We have a history of one of us here and one of us on the other side. Today we have a beautiful relationship. He brings me comfort, smacks me up beside the head when I need it, and has assisted in my healings with soldiers. He helps them heal and shows them the light.

     Christmas Eve a year later was the most painful of all. I felt like I was reliving my

brother’s death except this time there was no numbness. I felt every ounce of pain magnified by 100.Again Mike’s plane was late. We walked into our parents’ home same time as last year, parents sleeping like last year, totally spooked. We decided to stay up all night hoping no one else would die, the similarities were eerie.

     It was then I knew I needed help. I couldn’t do this alone. I tired the young priest I was close to at my church. He left and no one would tell me where he was. I found out 15 years later, he left the priesthood, and was living in WI with his boyfriend. I found a healer, had no clue what that was, but whatever worked, I was desperate. Instant relief! I was so excited. She did energy work over the phone from 1500 miles away. It worked. I got more curious, worked weekly, the biweekly, then she started teaching me. One day she called me and asks me to heal her daughter. You’re ready, H trusts you and so do I. I was flattered, scared, but ok, let’s do this. The rewards I got from helping someone else were amazing to me. I got paid, helped someone, AND benefited from it. How amazing is that?

     I then signed up for a Reiki class. There were several Dr’s, a couple nurses, and me. Doing an exercise where we stood across the room from each other to send energy to each was discerning. The Dr Fell over with the blast from hands, freaked, ran out of the room, never to return. I was gently urged to stay in the class. Finished without ever taking the master class. There wasn’t the need since I had no desire to teach it .I did several healings with my clients but there was never much call for it. I knew I was supposed to be doing something more but didn’t know what. I incorporated it in my work, clearing the client as I worked on them, started doing reflexology, using rescue remedy in their water, etc.

     Being a Keen client for a year, one of my advisors told me I should be DOING Keen. I thought she was nuts, but it kept bugging me since I also saw this. My guides have this way of nudging me until I listen. Now I listen right away since they can get quite annoying.

     I wrote some things down, found someone to enhance my page and gave it a try. I was told it would take months to get started, I didn’t mind, I was nervously excited. The last day of Oct. I had several calls throughout the day. This is so cool! I received 5* feedback and again, I was getting the benefits.

     The next month I tweaked my page since I wanted to do energy work rather than the psychic readings. I wanted to help people help themselves. To me that’s what’s it’s all about. Through this whole process I have never stopped working on myself. My first teacher told me 16 years ago, in the future, people are going to heal much faster than we did. That was an understatement. I have so many clients who have come so far so fast because they listened, learned, and applied. She taught me take myself out of the picture so I never read through

my own stuff. I learned to rise up high, to connect with your guides along with mine to get

the bigger picture and the highest good. I am extremely voice sensitive and empathic, so I feel everything whether you are aware of it or not. I can clear blockages, open closed chakras; clear the issue behind the imbalance, clear on a cellular level, past life healing,

and read energies. Sometimes my guides will give me a time line, but not always.

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